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Which is better? Dental Implant or Bridge?

which is better dental implant or bridgeWhich is better? Dental Implant or Bridge?

Missing a tooth could be annoying and bothersome at the same time. It makes us look less appealing, and it even hinders us from savoring a sumptuous meal. There are many solutions to replace a missing tooth by Dental Care Services in Colorado.

Among these possible options are to place a fixed bridge and to get dental implants. Which option should you choose? Here are some comparisons made by First Choice Dental which can help you decide which would be a better choice for you.

  1. Process

    When you opt for a dental implant, a small titanium cylinder will be placed in the jawbone at the place where your missing tooth is, and a crown or abutment is then placed on top of the artificial root. Through time, these cylinder bonds will connect with the tissues in the bones, creating an artificial root. Hence, the process is also called root replacement.

    On the other hand, a fixed or dental bridge is actually a prosthesis fixed in place by attachment to the natural adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth on both sides will act as a bridge to support the crown replacement or the artificial tooth.

  2. Cost

    Dental Implant Cost is more affordable compared to the cost of getting dental bridges. Although dental bridges are initially less expensive, you might need to replace it again in the future. Dental implants require a longer process and time of healing, so it could be more expensive.

    Nonetheless, if you will look at the long-term effects of both, getting dental implants could be more economical.

  3. Aesthetics

    Implants can be placed right after your tooth is extracted, and this will preserve the natural level of the bone which improves the replacement’s appearance. Dentists can also make implants look like your tooth’s natural enamel, which would make it look more pleasing.

    But if the dental clinic where you opt to get your implants or bridges specializes on dental bridges, getting dental bridges would look more natural and appealing compared to getting implants.

  4. Durability

    Dental experts say that implants are more durable compared to dental bridges. Other than the fact that dental implants could last a lifetime, the cylinder fused to the jawbone for implants is very resistant to decay and other gum problems.

    Meanwhile, the average lifespan of dental bridges is 10 years. Even if you clean your teeth regularly, the artificial crown and its adjacent teeth remain to be susceptible to normal wear and tear and gum diseases.

Before implants were introduced, our only option was to get prosthetics or dental bridges. It is easier and less expensive to get dental bridges. Despite implants being more complicated and expensive, it lasts longer than the other.

At the end of the day, the last say would still be up to you. Now, which dental option would you choose?

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