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Starting Early: 6 Dental Tips to Keep Your Little One’s Teeth in Tiptop Shape

starting early 6 dental tips to keep your little ones teeth in tiptop shapeStarting Early: 6 Dental Tips to Keep Your Little One’s Teeth in Tiptop Shape

Teeth are important parts of the human body. Such does not only break down the food that we eat, it also bolsters our social image and makes other persons drawn to us. Not to be discriminating, but perfectly set pearly whites do help people maintain a respectable appearance.

If you are a parent, you have to hold dental health in high regard. According to experts, it is on childhood stage that teeth, gums, and related areas take form. If abnormalities (e.g. crooked teeth) are not addressed properly during this age, problems will surely appear during adulthood.

How to preserve the youngsters’ angelic smiles? Here are useful tips to remember:

  1. Inculcate dental hygiene earlier.
    Let your children grow with healthy dental habits. Do not wait for them to become older to teach them how to preserve their teeth and gums. Even when they are still toddlers, talk to them regularly when you clean their mouth. By doing this, they may unconsciously retain the habit.

  2. Refrain from giving sugary drinks before bed.
    It is a bad idea to let your little angels drink hot chocolate or milk before they sleep. Such habit encourages plaque buildup. Usually, children sleep for eight hours and for that period, sugar and other irritants stay in the children’s mouth. All drinks (and foods) should be consumed before brushing their teeth.

  3. Regularly meet with the dentists.
    It is ideal to meet the dentist bi-annually. From the last appointment, set the next meeting six months later. When this is properly observed, the dentist can track the development of the children’s dental system and if any dental problem is detected, the same can be cured immediately.

  4. Brush daily.
    Brushing your teeth must be conducted at least twice daily (after meals). This frequency is enough to get rid of any buildup that may lead to damage.

  5. Be creative.
    Brushing teeth should not be a boring experience for kids. Perk up their interest by utilizing creative means. You can search online for videos featuring cartoon characters showing some dental tips. Also, you can play music and dance with a popular dynamic hit to keep the little critters excited.

  6. Set a good example.
    Children absorb what they see in adults. For them to appreciate the beauty of dental care, show them the benefits of which by setting an example. Every after meals, be the first one to brush your teeth. Teach them how to floss. Also, you can show them a cool technique on how to gargle.

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