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Let Us Talk about Dental Implants

Let Us Talk about Dental ImplantsLet Us Talk about Dental Implants

Also known as a fixture or an endosseous implant, a dental implant relates to surgery. It interfaces with one’s skull or their jawbone so as to support the dental prosthesis such as a bridge, crown, denture, or facial prosthesis. It can also serve as an orthodontic anchor.

Dental terms 101:

Orthodontics is the management or abnormalities in the teeth and jaws. It encompasses the alignment and the occlusion of the teeth as well as the use of braces.

Procedures of Dental Implant Surgery:

When you go for dental implant surgery, what can you expect? Dental implant surgery typically involves an outpatient surgery and is achieved in stages:

  1. Removal of the damage tooth
  2. Preparation of the bone of the jaw for surgery
  3. This process may involve a procedure known as bone grafting. Bone grafting is considered a surgical procedure which allows experts to replace a missing bone so as to patch up bone fractures that are exceedingly intricate, pose a considerable risk in the health of the patient or fail to properly heal.
  4. Insertion of the dental implant metal post inside the patient’s jawbone

    This step can only be done after the full healing of one’s jawbone.

  5. Healing period

    After the implanting procedure, the dentist gives time for the patient’s jawbone and other parts that were involved in the process to heal. The healing period can last for a number of months.

  6. Installation of the abutment

    Once the implanted area heals, the patient goes back to the dentist or the oral surgeon for the abutment. The abutment serves as the implant metal post’s extension. If the implant is extremely established, the installation of the abutment is carried out the same time during the installation of the implant.

  7. Placing of the final teeth or tooth

    Once the soft tissues in the gums of the patient heal, the dentist will then create molds of the client’s teeth and jawbone. Finally the final teeth or tooth will then be put in.

Knowing that the dentist will give you a grace period for the curing of your gums and jawbones, you need to prepare and expect that the whole procedure can take a lot of months for it to come to an end. A lot of the time is committed to the waiting and healing of the new bone of your jaw.

Bone Grafting

After reading the definition of bone grafting, we know that you are skeptical of submitting yourself into such procedure. We understand your feeling for we have been a provider of Dental Care Services in Colorado and we can see the anxiety and the fear in our patient’s eyes once we explained the whole procedure to them.

So when do you need bone grafting in preparation for your dental implant surgery?
Bone grafting is often required for our patients here in First Choice Dental whose jawbone is not enough or we think is too soft.

Due to the powerful chewing action your mouth is capable of, it will put forth immense pressure on your bone. As a result it cannot be able to support the implant making the whole surgery useless. A bone graft has the ability to construct a more solid base in support of the implant.

Placing the Dental Implant

During the surgery process of inserting the dental implant, your dentist will make a cut in order to open your gum thus exposing the bone. He or she will then drill holes into the area where your dental implant metal post will be installed. And because this post will be used as the tooth root, expect that it will be implanted deep into your bone.

The Grace Period

After inserting the dental implant, the patient then waits for the bone to grow. This process is called osseointegration. When this process happens, the jawbone develops and fuses with your dental implant’s surface. Taking several months, this process will aid in giving a solid base for the artificial tooth.

Dental implant cost should not give you worries most especially when First Choice Dental is here to perform such procedure. If you want to know more about dental implants, visit us at

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