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Dental Care: A Mother’s Guide

dental care a mothers guideDental Care: A Mother’s Guide

Being first-time mothers can both be terrifying and exciting. And they say if that thing makes you keyed up and frightened at the same time, then it just means that it is for you. In your case, it is for both you and your baby.

Many questions disturb your mind when it comes to dental care for your child. When should his or her first dental check-up be? Is it good to introduce them to flossing at such an early age? Does he or she need braces? How about veneers?

Here are some tips and guidelines mothers need for the oral health of their kids:

  • Introducing oral care

    Should you wait for your child’s baby teeth to come out before introducing them to proper oral care? Baby teeth are there even if you cannot see them. In fact, it begins to form during your second trimester of pregnancy. Take care of their baby teeth by:

    • Cleaning their gums with a clean and damp washcloth to steer clear of bacteria
    • Brush the visible baby teeth using infant toothbrush and toothpaste about the size of one grain of rice
    • When the teeth of your baby touch, begin flossing
    • Teach them to spit around the age of 2
    • Avoid swish and spit to prevent swallowing the toothpaste
    • Children ages 3 and up should be using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
    • Supervise children when they are brushing, especially when they are younger than 6
  • Visiting the dentist

    During their first birthday, the finest gift you could ever give them is their first trip to the dentist. It is in this first visit that the child will be able to learn how to properly care for their oral health.

  • Averting cavities

    The number one problem for most parents is cavities for their kids. The most effective way to thwart this problem is to:

    • Introduce them early to good oral habits
    • Let them use fluoride regularly
    • Avoid or limit sugary foods
  • Having dental problems

    Once your child has a certain gum disease or any problem with their oral health, the perfect course of action is to visit the professional. You can help prevent other risks such as gingivitis and plaque formation, among others.

    You are not alone in this motherhood journey. First Choice Dental is here to help you promote good oral habits for your child and even for you.

There are various things you need to educate yourself into when you have a child. Your journey ahead of you is still long, but with the advent of the internet and various services like ours in First Choice Dental, you can avoid screwing up.

Visit our website at and gain from a variety of Dental Care Services in Colorado that we provide. Happy mother’s day, mothers!

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